The Company ACQUA ZOE LTD, is based in Cyprus from 2014 and is the exclusive representative (Region Brand Owner) of the International Roberto Cavalli House brands for Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and Romania for the first part of the project development and Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Scandinavian Countries, Russia, Ukraine, Ajerbaitzan, Kazakhstan and China for the second part in the special premium category of Spirits (Vodka super premium, Vodka premium, Wines, Grappa, Gin etc.).

Roberto Cavalli Vodka is an established premium brand capitalizing on associations conveyed by the Roberto Cavalli name which evokes luxury, joie de vivre, and sophistication. The particular and strong personal relationship I have with the Roberto Cavalli family has created a climate of trust and mutual benefit so that we can discuss any new emerging business plan. In addition we have created a portfolio along with other new premium products (Gin, Vermouth, Digestive, Liqueur, Rum, Whisky, Champaign, Wines etc.) which frame the variety and make the Company complete at all levels.

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