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Looking back at 2012, I had the clear vision to communicating the richness and value of the sophisticated Greek food, across the world. It was the year when I decided to take the risk to leave behind me a great career within the insurances business segment, follow my gut feeling and open the Poseidon Greek restaurant right at the heart of Miami Beach. Miami... perhaps one of the most business-competitive areas in the United States and the whole world.

Until then, people hearing about the Greek food they would reply to you “Sure, I know gyros and souvlaki!” wonderful dishes but not the only ones representing a heritage and civilization which dates since a few thousand years ago… So, my mission revolved around introducing and showcasing the rich and flavor-full Greek kitchen to an international clientele which is at the lookout for the pure, original, colorful, spontaneous Greek kitchen, which allows them to travel across centuries as well as across experienced or to-come moments in Greece.

Just between us… here is my magic recipe: The Greek kitchen is a “color palette” of highly valuable nutritional ingredients enriched with passion, imagination and care for those who aim to experience its tastes. It is composed with trust and respect to the past generations and it aims to travel for many more thousands of years throughout its ambassadors, being them house persons, chefs, or those who experience it by tasting it.

Seven years after my high-risk venture and hard work , I am happy to see my vision getting gradually realized, as I happily see the Greek cuisine gaining reputation and getting established within the American best cuisines . Nowadays, its reputation revolves around the top quality fresh fish, the octopus, other seafood,Aegean sea salt, mountain oregano,olive oil  and numerous dishes which include invaluable for the health ingredients.

Until today in Poseidon, I have been honored to serve thousands of international visitors. Many of them highly experienced in food tasting, having their own requests, addressing their individual questions which aim them to understand in depth about the Greek cooking products, their use, their nutritional value. I guess these are my best moments in the restaurant. When these exchanges drive both sides to the co-creation of a common mindset which is often transformed to friendships for life; as it happens for thousands of years in Greece where people are open to explore by discussing, learning and further developing themselves.

The connection to my vision is even more empowers today. Having gained for 4 times the first award (CHEF CHAMPION) in an elite annual top chefs competition in Miami  , participating to the highly reputed Travel Channel’s during the chefshowdown competition , being honored to serving the Authentic High quality Greek food on the VIP ZONE of Miami Heat Arena between famous singers, elite showbiz, actors, NBA players, politicians (such as Jenifer Lopez , Kim Kardashian , Fat Joe, Ricky Martin) and countless other celebrities.

As a result, I feel happy and proud when seeing my vision getting realized, by working hard on a daily basis to further boost the Greek cuisine's international awareness and recognition. Therefore, I am committed in continuing doing so with the Poseidon’s high-performing Team, as the Miami attracts an outstanding international clientele which is thirsty to explore, learn, discuss and laugh simultaneously. From the French Polynesia to Dubai and Tokyo or from Argentina to France, India and China, the best Greek flavors enriched with my own top quality homemade olive oil which I harvest each autumn from my own olive  trees in Greece are happily served, gain the impressions and create unique moments for those experiencing them via my dishes.

In my opinion, the proper introduction of the Greek cuisine is a great means of introducing the valuable Greek products and therefore entrepreneurs who are activated in this restaurant segment have my respect as they certainly communicate much more than just to selling a dish.

The Poseidon Greek restaurant is located at 1131 Washington ave on Miami Beach, and is owned and operated by me and my top-performer brother, Vasileios. The Poseidon’s vision keeps traveling, together with its visitors, throughout its ingredients, throughout the time…


Today, thanks to its reputed clientele’s support and our continuous efforts to improve, Poseidon stands at the top in its segment as the best Greek restaurant in Miami Beach and one of the top five seafood restaurants in the area .It is so exciting and inspiring for Poseidon’s teams to meet and serve people who visit Miami from all over the world, bringing over their diverse experiences, cultures, mentalities and positive vibesQuite often, US and international celebrities also honor our establishment as they wish to experience our minimalistic  and highly sophisticated Greek cuisine.

As a chef, I have been honored and nominated four times as Chef Champion at the reputed Sobe Chef-Showdown Competition which iconsidered to be America’s top seafood competition as per the Travel Chanel, 

Champion -Best octopus 2014

Champion -Best fish 2016

Champion -Best fish 2017

Champion -Best shrimp 2020

The restaurant ratings till today 

Yelp 4,5,/5 stars 

Trip Advisor 4,5/5 stars and Traveler Award Choice in 2015-17, 

Open table 4.5 /5 Diner Choice Award best seafood 2014-17, 

Google 4.5/5 stars 

For the current season of 2018-2019, I ahonored to be a member of the NBA Miami Heat family’s cooking team, offering our services to the VIP elite courtside tickets (including ShowBiz, Fashion models, Hollywood Actors, Rappers, CEO, Politicians and generally the elite of Miami city) at the American airline arena during the games.

Once again, I proudly represent the authentic Greek cuisine internationally in such anone-of-a-kind dynamic environment.


GREEK TASTE BEYOND BORDERS® GTBB presented Demetrios Pyliotis with the official certification title award of honor Ambassador for Greek Gastronomy® 2021 Πρεσβευτής της Ελληνικής Γαστρονομίας® 2021 for sustaining Greek Gastronomy & Greek way of living. Chef Demetrios owns with his brother Vasilios the Poseidon Group of Restaurants in Miami, Florida and in Kalamata, Greece (recently opened), the prosperous land of his ancestors, where the marvelous taste experience of extra virgin olive oil gave him the first boost to carry on his worthy tradition. The same procedure was implemented for Poseidon Group of Restaurants as well, with the same official certification title award of Ambassador for Greek Gastronomy® 2021. That was a great success for both entities!

Chef Demetrios Pyliotis noted “I feel very proud for this accreditation…it is exceptional and considered as a huge milestone! I will keep on with my mission to promote Greek cuisine and local products.” “Our restaurants are offering true & authentic seafood dishes… an amazing palate experience for fine dining lovers!”

The certification process followed a protocol procedure implemented by the GTBB rules & committee No.00137/11/05/2021 for Chef Demetrios Pyliotis & No.00138/11/05/2021 for his Group of Restaurants Poseidon (Miami-Kalamata).

AMBASSADOR FOR GREEK GASTRONOMY® is a hallmark of Greek gastronomy for (chefs & restaurants and single entities of high regard) and it’s known to be extremely challenging to achieve, making it that much more prestigious. GTBB has exclusively rights to the trademarks of these official titles in Greece and abroad.

These prestigious awards mentioned as “top honors” by GTBB have a significant role and are presented to professionals and premium brands held in the highest regard. The Gold Medal award sign and the golden spiral (logo of GTBB) attach great importance to this prestigious honorary title.

GREEK TASTE BEYOND BORDERS® GTBB organization is dominating in the promotion of Greek taste & gastronomy throughout the world, utilizing modern branding methods and the most effective business networking platform for Greece and its global representation.

GREEK TASTE BEYOND BORDERS® GTBB has announced its annual global conference in Athens, Greece at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) 5- JULY 2021 under the Auspices of Ministry of Tourism, GNTO & City of Athens where DEMETRIOS PYLIOTIS and all certified chefs and brands shall gather in this promising global event.


ΠΡΕΣΒΕΥΤΗΣ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗΣ ΓΑΣΤΡΟΝΟΜΙΑΣ®, ΠΡΕΣΒΕΥΤΗΣ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗΣ ΚΟΥΖΙΝΑΣ® αποτελούν όρους χρήσης ΕΜΠΟΡΙΚΑ ΣΗΜΑΤΑ που προστατεύονται και είναι κατοχυρωμένοι – με τον αριθμό απόφασης δήλωσης σήματος ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΑ ΥΠΟΥΡΓΕΙΟ ΟΙΚΟΝΟΜΙΑΣ & ΑΝΑΠΤΥΞΗΣ (ΕΞ 3428 / 03-07-2018) και (ΕΞ 2858 / 30-06-2020) αντιστοίχως. Οι δικαιούχοι του επιφυλάσσονται επί παντός νομίμου δικαιώματος τους όπως και για τυχόν αποζημιώσεις από αθέμιτες ενέργειες που αφορούν σε αντιγραφείς και ανεπιθύμητες προσπάθειες σπίλωσης.



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