The authentic quality label that accompanies the Greek flavor is invaluable… and it’s a Gold Award!


The new quality label – certificate award for authentic Greek taste is a fact and was created by Greek Taste Beyond Borders® GTBB after a research, with the aim of perfecting the outward image [positive extraversion to the world market] of the quality representatives of Greek taste. This valuable award-winning brand is poised to embellish its product packaging, all of its proprietary communication tools, such as websites, prospectus, venues, and essentially become a strategic certification award in the achievement column of its owner.

Designed for Greek restaurants and hotels based on Greek cuisine and the authentic flavors of our country Greece, delicatessen stores, as well as manufacturers of consumer products using Greek raw materials and producers. The role of the Authentic taste of Greece | Gold Award is dynamic and smart, with a clear communication message, while creating the perfect branding for its owners, presenting them on the global market as top-of-the-range services, which in the eyes and psychology  of the consumer around the world is smart and complements the total value! The Authentic taste of Greece | Gold Award is the golden accreditation of the value of representatives of Greek flavor and the strategic ally on the world market on the shelves or in restaurants around the world.

* The trademark is protected by copiers under the laws of the world trade mark. It was created in early 2019. Copyright 2019-20 |

The Committee

The award committee is made up of distinguished Greek chefs with global action and members of GTBB “board of assessors”.

Criteria for obtaining the gold prize:

The excellent taste & quality of the product or service provided. To fully meet all the necessary conditions as defined by the trade, consumer and food control legislation around the world for safe handling and health. The quality of packaging (for products) and corporate identity as an overall image of modern branding for today’s business, which is self-presented as Greek. This criterion also refers to every communication medium of the enterprise. 100% Greek solid raw material in the recommendation for production products, e.g. olives, dairy, honey, pasta, vegetables, frozen fish, salted goods and juice. Use at least 80% of consumed products which have been processed, such as coffee, pasta, biscuits, jam, wine, spirits, beer, superfoods, sweets, preserves of all types, soft drinks. For restaurants, the use of at least 5 Greek products (except beverages), which will be listed in the menu as a recipe explanation, as well as at least 5 Greek traditional recipes, even in degraded form, is enough to be listed also in the menu. Restaurants should indicate Greek wine or beer codes in their menu. The menu should contain the word “Greek” or “Greece”. For delicatessen stores, there are at least 10 Greek product codes on their shelves.   

 The acquisition process 

The acquisition process starts with the completion of the “first approach” online e-form (find below). It continues with the completion of the application based on criteria. The committee’s judgment follows, which includes a testing – as well as an onsite visit to the businesses. It is finalized with the payment of an e-marketing program that combines annual visibility at so that the winner of the quality-prize brand also has an international presence on the internet in the most dynamic global business network of GTBB. Awarding the prize is immediate. More information is provided only to applicants.

The ultimate winner of the Authentic taste of Greece | Gold Award enjoys all the privileges of a member of the Greek Taste Beyond Borders® GTBB, including the invitation to the next World Congress of Greek Gastronomy to be held in 2020 in Athens, Greece.

Illegal use of the Authentic taste of Greece | Gold Award trademark is forbidden as well as all GTBB brands. The management may claim large compensation for any type of abusive actions. Offenders will be prosecuted under the law and the company reserves its full legal rights.

* The trademark is protected by copiers under the laws of the world commerce and trade mark. It was created in early 2019.
Copyright 2019-20 |