Our Vision

The global expansion of Greek Taste and Culture based on modern strategies.

Our vision is to establish a powerful recource of brand awareness for market leaders and entities connected to Greek culture. The linking together of, premium brand leading enterprises in the taste industry located throughout the world and high-value key dignitaries such as professionals, scientists and top chefs, all united and harmonized to each other, build the most effective business network of Greek Taste Beyond Borders®  GTBB 

Safe, trustful and authentic Greek Taste Beyond Borders®  GTBB unites everyone under the principles and values of the Ancient Greek Golden Spiral, symbol of growth, awareness and universal power. Ancient Greek traders used the spiral as a sign of common origin, wealth and unity.

Greek Taste Beyond  Borders®  GTBB  was the organizer  of the 1st  International  Hellenic  Gastronomy  Conference  2018 under the Auspices  of Ministries of Tourism and Economy &  Growth, that took place passed March in Athens Megaron Concert Hall.

Greek Taste Beyond  Borders®  GTBB aims at promoting premium Greek products & services throughout the globe.

GTBB’s mission is based on modern business networking strategies using e-platforms and unique branding services such as trademarked titles & certifications tailored exclusively for market leaders and other type of entities. The building of a strengthful business network on an international basis is one of the GTBB’s accomplished  goals that never stops evolving.  

Part of GTBB campaign deals with core values such as: the awareness of Greek culture “Expanding Greek taste to the world”, the fundamental importance of world piece & unity “Exchanging Cultures” & “Need for Global Unity & Piece” and the Greek way of life “Our Way of Life”.

Ancient Greece was the first in history to introduce the word “gastronomy”  (gastronomía), from (gastḗr, “stomach”) + (nómos, “knowledge, law”) *etymology. Greek Taste Beyond  Borders®  GTBB is the strong adherent of the idea that Gastronomy was first introduced in Ancient Greece and therefore Greece has the obligation to continue working methodically on the continuance of this great heritage.  


Philippos Koutras, Founder of Estiatoria.gr and CEO of GTBB is the initiator of the 1st International Hellenic Gastronomy Conference 2018 – Greek Taste Beyond Borders® GTBB


Greece is “wealthy” in products and has all the specifications to gain a significant position in the international market, I would say the highest position! The quality of Greek lifestyle is the one that will convey the message that Greek products are the best… but it takes the right branding strategy and a business network. The “Greek taste beyond borders” is the chariot for the extroversion of gastronomic tourism in our country». Philippos Koutras, Founder of Estiatoria.gr and the initiator of the 1st International Hellenic Gastronomy Conference 2018 – Greek taste beyond borders