Achievement report is of great value to GREEK TASTE BEYOND BORDERS® GTBB organization. It is a vital input to future planning and strategy setting, and helps GTBB to:


-Communicate and monitor its performance and success on its objectives.

-Share its values and importance on the global market.

-Prove the importance and trustworthiness of its mission.

Latest news:

Top and most admired Greek companies have acquired the GTBB certification titles and began planning on global trading using GTBB official badges of global awareness on their products. 

Respected single entities strategically located across the world have become official ambassadors and operate on the GTBB business network platform.

Big interest has grown on representatives of several countries of joining the GTBB network, same time as GTBB is planning to develop gradually synchronized methods of expanding.


Enable understanding of the core business concepts and terminology of GTBB.

Golden Spiral – The GTBB logo “symbol” of unity, growth, global awareness, highest values, excellence and cultural heritage.

GTBB Certification titles – Official titles of Excellence & Achievement providing the power of representing core values and Culture across the globe. These are carried out by a “protocol” procedure” – certification process.  Applicants “entities” have to follow a defined procedure based on the GTBB PROTOTYPE. These certification titles are trademark licensed with global respect and fall under the common law trademark rights.

GTBB PROTOTYPE – An owned originally developed modern model of internal management structure enabling GTBB mission to perform efficiently with high professionalism. It has been the result of specialist’s research.

GTBB business network platform – The interaction between companies and entities in a proven marketing strategy with goals such us global trading. This network is expanding globally day by day and is significantly effective.

GTBB ambassadors – Most accredited entities (single or formations) of the highest regard, consisting of world personalities, premium brands – market leaders, elite restaurants and honored chefs. All together are representing their culture within the scope of the Golden Spiral of GTBB, symbol of unity, growth, global awareness, highest values, excellence and cultural heritage.

GTBB key partners – are the business partners of GTBB located around the world ready to operate under special conditions.

GTBB locations – The GEO particular points on the global market map often used to describe targeted strategies depending on needs. GTBB Key partners are set on GTBB locations.

GTBB supporters – Respected professionals “experts” that encourage the vision of Greek Taste Beyond Borders GTBB. Give their presence in the GTBB forums/conferences and form the GTBB supporters board.  They are positioned globally and have important roles representing their Culture and improving science. 

GTBB GLOBAL TASTE FORUM – International forums/conferences held yearly under the Auspices of the Greek state ministries. Provides the chance of business networking and the global meeting of the GTBB ambassadors and the representation of their culture. Investors are attending by different countries. Greek culture is promoted in a global sense as influential and dominant, while premium Greek top companies are communicated globally.

GREEK TASTE BEYOND BORDERS® GTBB was established in 2017.