Atsalakis Dimitrios & Co. OE, based in Faliraki, Rhodes, produces and sells exclusively RODITIKI LADOPITTA.

It all started in 2004, when the company bought the equipment and the production rights, in order to continue to produce with the same secret recipe the famous RODITIKI LADOPITTA. Thus, the well-known TRADITIONAL PIE of RHODES, which since 1979 was available only in local grills, reached the refrigerators of the Super Market!


At the end of 2006 and having in the meantime optimized the production process and the quality characteristics of the product, it was awarded a Patent by the INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY ORGANIZATION (OBI), thanks to which the special preparation process and the raw materials of RODITIKI LADOPITTA are protected, as a result of which it cannot be produced by anyone else.

The main characteristics of RODITIKI LADOPITTA, is its special taste, due not only to the secret recipe but also to the exquisite and top quality raw materials used, and of course its special texture and shape, which as handmade does not differ in the slightest from the traditional homemade pie that is still made today in some villages of Rhodes.

The production takes place under exceptional conditions of food safety and hygiene, having in fact secured for this purpose a relevant HACCP certificate of the organization a Cert.

To date, no other pie has been able to imitate it and that is why it is still the first in the preference of small and large foodies as well as all the nostalgia of the tradition.

Every bite of RODITIKI LADOPITTA is a journey through time, when everything was pure and authentic!

Atsalakis Dimitrios & Co. OE, having now developed a large network of representatives in the largest cities of Greece and investing in modern marketing and advertising strategies, but also with its participation in local and international exhibitions, managed to bring out the most traditional product of Rhodes abroad.

RODITIKI LADOPITTA, acquires more and more fanatical consumers every day, not only in Rhodes, our islands and big cities, but also up to Great Britain, Germany – Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Poland and the Czech Republic.

In addition to its classic use as a pie for wraps, RODITIKI LADOPITTA is also offered for many savory and sweet combinations, limited only by the imagination, either of the Chef who is looking for a sophisticated dish, or of the housewife who is daily looking for a quick and delicious solution in minutes!

RODITIKI LADOPITTA is already baked. All you need is a little warmth in a non-stick pan, grill, plate or crepe. There are many ideas to enjoy it and some of them are presented on the website

The Traditional RODITIKI LADOPITTA is available in a package of 10 and 20 pieces for home use, but also in a package of 100 pieces for professional use in mass catering companies.

On 2017, the craft Atsalakis Dimitrios & Co. OE, took another big step, responding to a persistent request of consumer friends for the presentation of new flavors, based on the same quality standards.

So after exhaustive tests, persistent and meticulous selection of raw materials, tastings for ordinary consumers in exhibitions and expert opinions, proudly launched on the market its 2 coveted flavors: RODITIKI LADOPITTA with Wholegrain Flour and RODITIKI LADOPITTA with Maize Flour for rich taste.

So the family of RODITIKI LADOPITTA grew and its new members, available in packs of 10 pieces, were enthusiastically accepted by consumers from the very first day of their appearance on the shelves of Super Markets, grocery stores and selected butchers.

Atsalakis Dimitrios & Co. OE looks to the future with optimism knowing full well that the commitment to traditional values and quality will always be rewarded by the quality consumer.

Along the way and shortly before the expiration of 2020, another 3 new special flavors came to be added to the range of enjoyment: RODITIKI LADOPITTA Spinach (green)RODITIKI LADOPITTA Tomato (orange) and RODITIKI LADOPITTA Beetroot (burgundy), with each one giving its own note to even the most imaginative creations of professional chefs but also of every aspiring home cook.

All 3 aforementioned flavors are offered in a single package of 12 pieces (4 pittas from each flavor) for home use and in professional packages of 20 pieces per flavor.

At the same time, the pita production industry Atsalakis Dimitrios & Co OE, while investing in new mechanical equipment and packaging machines, enters the field of snacks, presenting the “CRISPY PITTA CHIPS LADOPITTAKIA – Natural Traditional Taste” in a smart Doy Pack package that closes easy to always stay fresh.

“CRISPY PITTA CHIPS LADOPITTAKIA – Natural Traditional Taste” are chips that arise from additional baking of the Traditional RODITIKI LADOPITTA, thus maintaining the same secret recipe and the same excellent taste.

They can be used as croutons in salads and soups, in yogurt, for crunchy dip into various dips, but also as a base in various sweets.

Of course, they are enjoyed as a healthy snack, at any time, at home, in the office, on the go.

The “CRISPY PITTA LADOPITTAKIA – Natural Traditional Taste” are available in retail package Doy Pack 150gr, in professional package of 2 kg and in box (bulk) of 6 kg.

In May 2021 followed the launch of the 2nd member of the series “CRISPY PITTA CHIPS LADOPITTAKIA”, this time with 3 new flavors: Spinach (green), Tomato (orange) and Beetroot (burgundy), in a single package, also Doy Pack, which is different but visually so that the difference from it with the Natural Traditional Taste is perceptible.

“CRISPY PITTA CHIPS LADOPITTAKIA SPINACH – TOMATO – BEETROOT” are chips that result from additional baking of the respective flavors of Roditiki Ladopitta, thus maintaining the same secret recipe and the same excellent taste.

Without the use of additives and artificial colors, the 3 different flavors give a special note, not only of taste but also of appearance in salads, soups, plate with cheeses and cold cuts, blankets, etc., while of course they are eaten clean at any time!

Both the “CRISPY PITTA CHIPS LADOPITTAKIA – Natural Traditional Taste” and the “CRISPY PITTA CHIPS LADOPITTAKIA SPINACH – TOMATO – BEETROOT” are available in retail package Doy Pack 150gr, in a professional package of 2 kg and in 2 kg (in).

With its product family constantly growing, the handicraft Atsalakis Dimitrios & Co OE. looks to the future with optimism knowing full well that adherence to traditional values and quality will always be rewarded by the demanding consumer.