Interview with a successful manager in Dubai | Santiago de Prat Gay

We are glad that you have become a member of the Greektastebeyondbers team tell us how do you feel about this honor?

It is a pleasure of mine to be part of Greektastebeyondborders. The initiative to promote Greek individuals and restaurants around the world is a great idea and sure to succeed. There are a lot of success stories to be told around the globe as Greeks have always played an international part in hospitality industry worldwide.


Tell us about your career in demanding Dubai…

 Dubai is still an on growing city and a very demanding market. F&B industry is escalated the past 10 years with having any brand from around the world brought for its consumers. My career started in Greece in well known establishments where I later wen on to open several of my own business ventures in F&B. As the Greek market came to an unsustainable business model my family and I looked for alternatives abroad. Initially I had an offer from one of the best hotels in Dubai to join their team of which I took as an experiential move to come to the United Arab Emirates and see if my life style could adapt to the customs of the region. Having been here it was an opportunity for me and my career as 5 years later I find my self in a position of General Manager for a large hospitality company and having contributed in the creation several successful brands and restaurants. Working in Dubai may be a challenge as the demands are great but rewarding at the same time.


For the position of Greek gastronomy and nutrition in the Dubai? 

Greek cuisine has merged into the tastes of the local demand as much of its cuisine has many similarities form dishes of the region. It is loved for its simplicity and range of flavours. There are many successful Greek cuisine restaurant in Dubai with demand increasing the fast few years. 


How did you see the world Greek gastronomy conference that took place in the music palace?

 I was glad to watch the conference as it was of interest and great success. I found the speakers interesting with a lot to say on their Greek global experience and future expectations. The continuation of the conferences will help support ideas and discussions on how more success can be achieved. 


I wish to meet in Dubai soon with the Greektastebeyondbers team. 

Thank you and it will be my pleasure to meet your team in Dubai and guide you around.


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