Yiannis Kioroglou was born in 1981 in Athens. Growing up he used to love the scents of homemade food that came out of the houses in the noons. Assigned to work in a kitchen during military service, he realized his love for cooking and the kitchen routine. It was that time that he decided to become professional and studied culinary arts in Athens.

Working in prestigious restaurants of Athens was not enough for him as he was eager to evolve his culinary knowledge and to explore other cuisines. From 2005 until 2008 he worked in Trieste, Italy, Ljublijana, Slovenia and in Lasarte – Oria, Spain at 3 star Martin Berasategui Restaurant. This culinary experience gave Kioroglou an expanded perspective of Mediterranean cuisine. From 2008 Kioroglou established his career in Greece as a well-respected Chef working in famous and awarded restaurants. Passionate about his profession, he never remained still and satisfied with his success. He continued exploring cuisines, famous kitchens and improving his culinary along with organizational skills by staging in Michelin starred restaurants such as Quique Dacosta Restaurant (2 Michelin) Dénia, Spain, Santo by Martin Berasategui Restaurant (1 Michelin) Sevilla, Spain, Konstantin Filippou Restaurant (1 Michelin) Vienna, Austria.

In 2013 he became Chef de Cuisine of La Guérite Restaurant in Cannes France, a collaboration that boosted his career. At La Guérite Restaurant he had the chance to use all his so far gained experience and developed skills and managed to turn the restaurant into a hot spot of high quality cuisine that serves up to 500 covers per day in high season. His deep knowledge of Greek, French, Spanish and Italian cuisine has formed the basis of his culinary style, and also the gastronomic concept and profile of the restaurant, which has been warmly embraced by its guests. The cornerstone of his cuisine is made up of top quality ingredients, deep flavours and traditional Greek hospitality (philoxenia) which every guest enjoys when visiting “La Guérite”. By 2018 Kioroglou is also the Executive / Consultant Chef of La Guérite Restaurant in Saint Barthélemy, West Indies, France, La Guérite Restaurant in D Maris Bay, Marmaris, Turkey,    Victoria Paris RestaurantShellona Greek Restaurant in Saint Barthélemy, West Indies, Shellona Greek Restaurant in Saint Tropez, France, Medusa Restaurant in Cannes, France. At the moment he is very excited to expand Victoria Restaurant  by preparing the opening of Victoria Restaurant in Saint Barthélemy, West Indies, France as Consultant Chef, which is to scheduled for January 2019. 



Mr Yiannis Kioroglou could you please tell us a few words about how your bright career started?

It all began out of my love for good food and my sense of hospitality. My everyday cooking became a hobby and my hobby turned into the most enjoyable profession.

How many restaurants are incorporated in your group and its philosophy?

The group I work with now has 12 restaurants that share the same philosophy of impeccable service, fine gastronomy experience and enjoyment.

About the fact that only Greek chefs are working in them?

I had always in my mind that I want to help new greek Chefs. I have been abroad in the past eager to work and to learn as much as possible about my work but there was no one there to help me. So I thought it was given to get greek Chefs in my team when I first started in Cannes 6 years ago. I am really proud to see new chefs evolve in the group. It is important for me that they  get the best possible help and professional experience to work abroad and pursue their dreams.

What is the current opinion abroad for the Greek cuisine?

Everybody knows the Greek cuisine – it is in the highest rank of ethnic cuisines. Our country is so beautiful and produces excellent products. Greece ‘s location is often characterized as paradise on earth. Millions of tourists visit Greece every year and have the chance to enjoy our philosophy, the beautiful scenery and of course the flavors of our cuisine. Tourists go back to their homes full with gastronomic experiences and with the greek flavors  in their mouth. Greek cuisine is integral part of the greek culture.

Your expert view about the future of greek gastronomy and Greek products in the global market?

If we – greek Chefs, suppliers, farmers, fishermen, stockbreeders, restaurant owners and managers- believe it we can be dominant in the global market.

Travelling around the world and tasting different cuisines and culinary approaches I realized that there is nothing the greek cuisine can be jealous of. The new generation of Greek Chefs are as talented as the foreigners, they are sophisticated and educated, they work really hard and are passionate about greek gastronomy.

Export of high quality greek products is blooming at the moment and in my opinion good marketing is the key in order for export to increase. Our products speak for themselves and all it takes is someone to try them once and the success will be huge.

I strongly believe that greek gastronomy is going to play a leading part in the near future. What we lack to achieve this goal is awareness and common vision.

The ingredients for a successful career like yours? Your answer in this question will be very important especially for the younger generation that is full of dreams and aspirations for life.

Work – Passion – Work – Vision – Work

Last but not least we would like your comments about the impact of the first global conference of Greek gastronomy that took place in the Athens Concert Hall last March with great success.

It is absolutely positive that such an initiative took place in Greece. Greek gastronomy  can benefit a lot from visionary ideas, that could take it to the top. It was a great event.

In what ways helped Greek mentality to change attitude in order to conquer the position it deserves in global gastronomy?

The greek spirit of hospitality and the fact that us Greeks are positive and hard working people makes us popular. These features can help us on the way to the top of global gastronomy.

Mr Kioroglou what are your feelings for now being a prominent member in GTBB network that aims to constantly promotes Greek branding in gastronomy and products?

It is my honour that I can represent my country through my profession. It is a huge responsibility for me as I always need to bring out the best. Customers unconsciously combine the greek cuisine they taste with Greece, and that is something we always have to remember and try to keep them satisfied.


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