Lantides wine means a product with soul that put the feelings of the Greek vineyard in a bottle and reveals them. Pavlos Charalampakis interview.

let us know about the institutional campaign Greektastebeyondborders, how did you see the world conference and how it visualizes the future of GTBB

It is an institutional campaign with the support of ministries and entrepreneurs, who should be supported by everyone because it promotes Greek products, the conference was very constructive, the initiative was unique and groundbreaking about what we can achieve as Greeks. Surely with the proper support it can create a dynamic for the Greek products abroad. The conference has had a tremendous reputation abroad and has succeeded in opening new routes for the Greek gourmet product.  NOTICE for the initiative were issues like BRANDING for the first time in the 1ST INTERNATIONAL HELLENIC GASTRONOMY CONFERENCE 2018.


The Greek wine and your company has been dynamically entering the global market, tell us about the world market and the position of Greek wine;

Estate Lantides   really makes a very valuable effort with right choices ,together with our export partners  and the quality of the wines that we produce we hope to increase the percentage of our exports .Greek wines has made important steps on the global market but i think there still  work has to be done especially in the marketing so to promote the Greek wine as a brand to improve our position on the global market.


Does the Greek gastronomic concept give you an advantage in exports?

I believe concept of Greek gastronomy is a motive so that we can improve the quality and quantity of our exports, exploit the better we can offer Greek gastronomy with the products that we can make us more extrovert ,what we are doing in Estate Lantides is to create high quality wines believing the concept of Greek Gastronomy.

What does Greek gastronomy and Greek products mean; are a national affair for you?

Greek gastronomy  is a national affair of all those who are involved and believe that Greek gastronomy emerges at the level that we want .The benefits which we have as Greece are a lot helping Hellenic tourism and Greek products  abroad. GTBB helps to show the Greek gastronomy  globally.


What does it mean for you Greek wine?

Greek wine means a product with soul that put the feelings of the Greek wine makers in a bottle and reveals them. And i am vey proud that i am a soldier  who is doing the best that he can do for the Greek wine.


The GTBB is glad to welcome you to his team, it is important for us your advisory offer. meet you at the next events.

Thank you very much and i am glad to be a part of this effort that helps and reveals the Greek products and Greek gastronomy.


The estate Lantides Is it a quality winery what are your goals?

 Quality is something that we targeting from the beginning with the quality raw material till the vinification of our wines and through the quality and the right choices we want to increase our place to the markets that we already have our wines and open new ones.


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