A Few Words

Alex Samoilis is an international Chef and entrepreneur in Europe and Middle East. His culinary knowledge expands from his very roots that is nothing else than Greece to Mediterranean, Mexican and Asian. His experience that started in Greece and developed in many countries throughout the world, including Michelin star restaurants as “The Fat Duck UK “and many others, helped him to find his unique identity that blends Greek recipes with high-end techniques.

His philosophy is to share the rich and full of health benefits of Greek gastronomy to the world and expand his knowledge around the deep roots that this cuisine has to offer. He is also the owner of a Greek restaurant  “A Piece of Greece” in Saudi Arabia.

“As I am a chef for over 10 years and I have traveled all over Europe and in many more destinations in Asia and the Gulf countries, i know that in Greece we have top quality and superior products related to what can be found in other markets generally speaking. With this said, we have the privilege to make dishes that are exceptional in taste and texture and that very few cuisines can achieve. Most important of all, we can succeed this with minimum manipulation of the ingredients and very healthy style of cooking… “


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