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Alexandros Porfyris. From the Americas, Middle and Far East to Africa and almost the whole of Europe, one thing I found in common was clearly the fact that food is one of the most vital commodities that is not just a gathering but a celebration, an expression, of love and passion. The art of cooking is a clear and justifed act of passion, when one books a table at a restaurant and is in anticipation of what feelings or what story the chef is willing to share through his food. But it's no less important or valuable when that food is shared around a table with family or friends. Rather, it's a raw expression of togetherness. It's the most archaic way of bringing people together; around a fre, at beaches or in meadows - whilst fueling bodies and conversations. I truly want to remind chefs that we have a great responsibility in representing and most importantly, in keeping individual and cultural tradition, through recipes that the rest of the world should know and, should never forget. It is a very important and heavy responsibility that should be carried out with pride but also with respect. To chefs and people from all over the world; uniting and bringing the whole world together through food in the hopes of realizing that we all have much more in common than we think. This way we will only advance and become better to achieve greater things. For example Fusion cuisine, why is it so popular? It's popular because it blends with respect two dicerent cultures. Cultures fuse, that is how tradition is formed, from one family to the next.

My vision is to be able to say that I played a role sharing and representing Greek food on a global scale and bring forth Greek Gastronomy where it belongs, together with respected Chefs and businesses. I strongly believe that we should look back, back at older ways of how nature was utilized ethically and with respect to the environment. Because of consumerism and mass production we lost our strongest power, the power of producing our own. All whilst disrespecting nature, having fruits and vegetables all year round. We should go back to respecting the grower much more and involving them, much more. Creating strong relationships with local suppliers. We should re-establish a culture of using what's naturally ripe now and use what's in accordance to the seasons - giving more credit to individuals, that they too can grow great foods.I believe if we do that, we will again be in control of what we grow, what we use and what we put into our bodies because right now, the majority have not a clue. Naturally, once individuals are more aware about eating with the seasons, there will develop much more pride about what their own country produces and what their country uniquely offers.




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