The vineyards of Parnassus have one singular aim: the production of high quality wines, a venture supported by territorial and climatic conditions predominant on the mountain mass of Parnassus, as well as the sophisticated methods of vivification applied. Under the guidance of enologist Stelios Matamis there are wines produced equal to the history of the Parnassus region. The wines of the estate in particular are the product of grapes collected from privately owned vineyards and are classified as local wines under the discriminating trade title: Local Wines of Parnassus.

The history of the estate dates back to the year 1998, when the first vineyards were planted. In 2002 the first wines were vinified, Erohos red and Erohos white. Today the vineyards have reached the 290 acres, which is enough to meet the demand for wine that comes exclusively from proprietary vineyards. The property currently produces 9 different types of wine, placing a special emphasis on the cultivation of Greek forgotten varieties, as well as on the production of high quality wines.

The Wine Tasting Guesthouse of the Argyriou family is located at Polydroso οf  Parnassus, whose rooms were made in a way that showed their respect to the residential aesthetics of this beautiful village. The specifications of the guesthouse offer unique and exceptional accommodation to the visitors, as well as the opportunity for the guests to get acquainted with the world of wine, by tasting the wines of the estate.

Certified with the Gold Award of AUTHENTIC TASTE OF GREECE 2019-2020


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