bfresh is the handmade beverage made from fresh fruit without sugar and preservatives and served in the bfresh jar. We created a “house” of 1.300 sqm with a very big kitchen. We choose the best raw materials which the Greek land can offer. Fresh citrus fruit collected from selected Greek crops in the appropriate ripening stage. Just as a handmade refreshment, likewise in a bfresh jar, stages of the production process such as the zest and squeeze of citrus fruit are done by hand, ensuring the taste of freshly squeezed juice. Founder and inspirer of bfresh spitiko is Vasileios Roubis. His passion for sports and healthy lifestyle drove him to become a tennis coach. Always seeking out new opportunities, he also engaged with the water treatment systems in the field of food service. Connecting these two different areas he came up with the idea of a handmade beverage made from fresh Greek fruit without sugar and preservatives. He has always been passionate about handmade and real products, and truly believes that everything made by hand and with real materials, people will enjoy and love it. bfresh spitiko is born in Greece, indicating impressive growth and rapidly expanding in global markets such as Australia, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Ireland and Cyprus. The company is operating in HO.RE.CA sector and products are mainly sold and distributed to food and beverage establishments. The team started to grow the distribution network locally in core regions of Greece. Moreover, the company is looking towards exports and is building upon a highly competitive product with great taste and smart packaging. Positive feedback and demand for partnerships came early, mostly during company's participation in big European trade fairs of food and beverage sector.

bfresh is constantly gaining exposure, leveraging the advantage of rising trend across Europe towards bio, handmade and non-sugar products.

Company's vision is that bfresh spitiko products to be available abroad and consumers to love them with the same passion as it already happens in European countries like Greece, Germany, Cyprus, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark and Australia.




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