A Few Words


As the executive chef and owner of Nice n Easy restaurant group, I have pioneered the organic food movement in Greece. Our restaurants share delicious, Mediterranean-inspired, health-focused foods with local Greeks and tourists alike throughout multiple locations in Greece. With locations like Kolonaki and Kifisia in Athens, and Mykonos, we attract diverse, international customers who love and admire Greek culture and cuisine.

Our priority is to highlight delicious, organic, seasonal, and locally-sourced ingredients in a modern Greek way. This is possible by supporting our extensive network of local growers and farmers who cultivate the produce we care for. We showcase delicious Greek ingredients in innovative ways, mindful of healthy lifestyles such as vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian. We hope to inspire others to promote and preserve the integrity of our delicious, native Greek ingredients, while at the same time collaborating with family-owned, local and organic growers and farmers.

A new passion that we care deeply for is that of sustainability. We are actively working to implement actions towards a cleaner, healthier, and brighter future by reducing plastic, minimizing food waste, composting, recycling, and so much more. Together with the help and support of our members of our community, we hope to be a positive force in protecting our natural resources, our planet, and our health.


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