Five generations of dedicated livestock farmers

 In 1925, at the foot of divine Mount Olympus, Lazaros Fotiadis, a refugee from the historical region of Pontus, started breeding the black pig of Olympus. This is the same region where, up until 1916, the grandfather of Nicolas Sarkozy, former president of the French Republic, had his farm.

Having inherited the family’s respect for quality and love of pig breeding, the next two generations of the Fotiadis family continued the tradition. In 2005, the family’s fourth generation implemented an important European investment program for the construction of a modern meat processing plant. Following the strictest hygiene rules, Fotiadi’s Farm produces quality products by applying the IFS system for the most demanding European markets.

In 2011, Giorgos Fotiadis, the fifth generation of the family, participated in a European program on the black pigs of the Mediterranean and purchased the first 10 sows of the rare breed of Greek black pig. The selection of the animals was made at the recommendation of CERTH in Thessaloniki, and after conducting DNA testing, which showed that these animals simulate their ancient ancestors. Fotiadi’s Farm feels that it is its responsibility and duty to save this historical Greek treasure, and currently breeds 200 certified sows at an ideal altitude within their natural environment.

The Greek black pig of Olympus feeding on olives

 In 2014, in collaboration with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Centre for Research and Technology- Hellas (CERTH), Fotiadi’s Farm started an innovative research program that subjected black pigs to an olive-based diet. In the shade of the divine mountain of Olympus, Fotiadi’s Farm added the Greek national fruit, the olive, to the diet of the national Greek pig. Once they turn five months old, the pigs are transferred to a controlled mountainous pasture covering 300,000 m2, where they live happily in the wild until their twelfth month of life. This olive-based diet produces pork meat with a unique aroma and flavor, and increases the levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are good for the human body. A special test conducted by CERTH showed 5,700% more Ω3-Ω6, 335% more polyphenols, 110% more iron and 540% less intramuscular fat than conventional pork meat. Fotiadi’s Farm has patented this olive-based dietary method for black pigs at the international level (PCT/GR/2015/00057), creating an innovative product with global originality; a product that is imprinted on the historical and cellular memory of the Greek diet. In 2016 Fotiadis Farm participated with GSEVEE in a training workshop at Avignon Academy in Brussels, representing Greece as a 'good practice' at the level of innovative entrepreneurship, extroversion, synergy development at the local and interregional level.

Products of black pigs of Olympus that feed on olives

Fotiadi’s Farm caters for demanding consumers and offers them the meat of the black pig of Olympus, a meat that combines flavour with quality and nutritional value. Enjoy it on the grill WITHOUT any spices, and just before it is ready, add some flower of salt. In this simple way, you can fully appreciate the aroma, the juices of the meat and the unique taste and aftertaste it leaves on the palate. Fotiadi’s Farm produces a special variety of products based on outstanding raw materials and singular quality. Authentic and unique flavors inspired by the love of tradition and respect for consumers.