Once upon a time, a baker commissioned a poor Greek painter by the name of Theophilos to paint a portrait for his children and his grandchildren to remember him by. He offered to pay not in cash but in what he prepared every day for the villagers: fresh bread, pies, stuffed vegetables, moussaka, syrupy desserts...

In the portrait, Theophilos immortalized the baker dressed not in formal clothes but in the white shirt and cap he wore while baking, because his work as a baker was worthy of being celebrated and remembered. Theophilos chose to paint the rolls and loaves of bread not in perspective but top down on his canvas so they would look round, warm and crunchy. That was when someone who thought himself smart came in and joked, “The bread in your painting is about to fall down!" “Don't you worry!” replied Theophilos. "My bread can fly and it will only land in the mouths of good people…"