A Few Words

Being proud of my origin and having honest respect to my country’s culture and customs, I always try to represent the Greek Traditions through my professional carrier, but in my personal life as well. I have the knowledge to cultivate the earth myself, as well as hunting and fishing. That makes me respect what nature has to offer. I love creativity and innovation, and it’s my pleasure to learn and discover what other culinary cultures has to offer me, as long as I respect all foreign customs, history and traditions.

Through real knowledge and respect to what being an Executive Chef means, my intention and vision is to make my country’s culinary Tradition and local products worthy of appreciation and admiration in a worldwide level. That way I can help rise up the value of Greece’s domestic goods all over the world.

GEORGIOS KOUKOURIKOS (KIRIAKOPOULOS) is officially certified with GOLD MEDAL OF HONOR 2023 BY GTBB “ΧΡΥΣΟ ΜΕΤΑΛΛΙΟ ΑΞΙΑΣ” (Golden Kouros Emblem - Με έμβλημα τον Χρυσό Κούρο) by GREEK TASTE BEYOND BORDERS® GTBB global organization.

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