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Greek Chef Giorgos Tsoulis specializes in modern Mediterranean cuisine and has been widely loved by the Greek audience as well as internationally, not only for his delicious recipes, but also for his unique temperament and charismatic communication skills.

Giorgos Tsoulis has a passion for educating the audience to learn how to cook and eat in a more sustainable and healthy manner while maintaining full flavor in their recipes. Chef Giorgos Tsoulis represents Greece and the Mediterranean Green cuisine in the EU #TasteTheOcean campaign along with other top chefs across Europe, aiming to encourage consumers to buy and enjoy sustainable fish and seafood.

Giorgos Tsoulis also represents Greece with his Greek Mediterranean specialties, through the international gastronomy portal, www.nestorparis.com, which delivers in Paris and Brussels tens of thousands of special dishes by acclaimed Chef’s from across the world.

Giorgos Tsoulis is the Executive Chef of numerous successful Greek restaurants, while he has shared his culinary skills on camera for some of the most popular TV shows in Greece and Cyprus.

At his cooking studio in Athens, the Chef and his team create delicious new recipes that are published daily on his website www.giorgostsoulis.com and on his social media, IG @giorgos_tsoulis, FB @giorgostsoulischef and YouTube Channel @GiorgosTsoulis, which are followed by hundreds of thousands food lovers from Greece and all around the world!

Alongside his current TV appearances, the Greek Chef Giorgos Tsoulis is also preparing his first cookbook as well a new cooking TV show.

I deeply believe that Greek Mediterranean cuisine is one of the most complete, nutritious, and rich in aromas and flavors, cuisines in the world!

Based on traditional Greek dishes from all over Greece, I love to create new modern recipes and hence expanding the popularity of Greek Mediterranean cuisine globally.

My vision is to spread my passion for Greek Mediterranean cuisine across the world. I use as my main vehicle my strong digital presence through my website www.giorgostsoulis.com, which offers at the moment over three thousand recipes, as well as on IG @giorgos<i>tsoulis, FB @giorgostsoulischef and also via my YouTube Channel.

The international audience has been consistently requesting the English version of my recipes and cooking videos. Therefore, the translation process of my recipes has begun and soon the global audience will be able to find my recipes in English.

Meanwhile, I am also developing my first travel cookbook which will feature recipes I have created using Greek traditional products picked carefully from producers located across Greece. My upcoming travel cookbook will be showcasing the beauty of Greek cuisine along with the beauty of Greece itself and the unique culinary goods that are produced in the country. The book will be published both in Greek and English.

My goal is to show the world, hands on through my recipes, how we can use and benefit from the unique quality products that are produced in Greece, which are also available abroad, such as virgin olive oil, olives, safran, bottarga and many more.



GREEK TASTE BEYOND BORDERS® GTBB presented Giorgos Tsoulis with the official certification title award of honor Ambassador for Greek Gastronomy® 2021 Πρεσβευτής της Ελληνικής Γαστρονομίας® 2021 for sustaining Greek Gastronomy & Greek Culture. The certification process followed a protocol procedure implemented by the GTBB rules & committee No.00154/10/06/2021

Giorgos Tsoulis is the Executive Chef of numerous successful Greek restaurants, while he has shared his culinary skills on camera for some of the most popular TV shows in Greece and Cyprus. He represents Greece and the Mediterranean Green cuisine in Europe and all around the world in various awareness-raising culinary campaigns.

AMBASSADOR FOR GREEK GASTRONOMY® is a hallmark of Greek gastronomy for (chefs & restaurants and single entities of high regard) and it’s known to be extremely challenging to achieve, making it that much more prestigious. GTBB has exclusively rights to the trademarks of these official titles in Greece and abroad.

These prestigious awards mentioned as “top honors” by GTBB have a significant role and are presented to professionals and premium brands held in the highest regard. The Gold Medal award sign and the golden spiral (logo of GTBB) attach great importance to this prestigious honorary title.

GREEK TASTE BEYOND BORDERS® GTBB organization is dominating in the promotion of Greek taste & gastronomy throughout the world, utilizing modern branding methods and the most effective business networking platform for Greece and its global representation.

GREEK TASTE BEYOND BORDERS® GTBB has announced its annual global conference in Athens, Greece at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) 5- JULY 2021 under the Auspices of Ministry of Rural Development and Food, Ministry of Tourism, GNTO & City of Athens where GIORGOS TSOULIS and all certified chefs and brands shall gather in this promising global event.


ΠΡΕΣΒΕΥΤΗΣ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗΣ ΓΑΣΤΡΟΝΟΜΙΑΣ®, ΠΡΕΣΒΕΥΤΗΣ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗΣ ΚΟΥΖΙΝΑΣ® αποτελούν όρους χρήσης ΕΜΠΟΡΙΚΑ ΣΗΜΑΤΑ που προστατεύονται και είναι κατοχυρωμένοι – με τον αριθμό απόφασης δήλωσης σήματος ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΑ ΥΠΟΥΡΓΕΙΟ ΟΙΚΟΝΟΜΙΑΣ & ΑΝΑΠΤΥΞΗΣ (ΕΞ 3428 / 03-07-2018) και (ΕΞ 2858 / 30-06-2020) αντιστοίχως. Οι δικαιούχοι του επιφυλάσσονται επί παντός νομίμου δικαιώματος τους όπως και για τυχόν αποζημιώσεις από αθέμιτες ενέργειες που αφορούν σε αντιγραφείς και ανεπιθύμητες προσπάθειες σπίλωσης.