Our company D. Gourgoulis, was founded in 1979 in the beautiful town of Zacharo, in the Province Ilia Greece. Our presence in the market is on its second generation, due to your love and your trust and we are certain that with your support, we will be around for a long time.

What makes our cookies and our bakery products so special is that we follow the exact recipe of our grandmother, who raised us and we our very proud of our faith in this tradition.
In our demanding times our target is to keep untouched our top quality, while at the same time we evolve by following, as well as affecting, our times trends and by creating new flavors, we contribute to the entrance of the cookies business into the new era.

Our company today has more than 70 employees, who together with Gourgoulis family, are producing daily the best results in every stage of production, until the final product arrives to our costumers. Of great assistance in this process is our “know how” which goes back several decades, as well as the advantages of modern technology.

Behind the company’s vision are Dimitris Gourgoulis and his wife Roula Fragoulia. Thanks to their efforts, their love for the job, our company is growing continuously and today is a small but modern production unit.

Our production line follows all Greek and International Health Regulations and there is a quality control system ISO 2200:2005. This is the reason we have a continuously growing presence in several countries like USA, Canada, Germany, France, England, Sweden, Bulgaria and Cyprus.

Thank you for your trust, sincerely Yours

Roula Fragoulia, Dimitris Gourgoulis.



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