The Monastery of Makariotissa was founded in the 12th century. Major renovations were made in the 17th century (1609) and the 19th century (1802). Apart from being a spiritual center, it has played an important nationwide role.

During the Ottoman domination, the Kleftes (Greek rebels) and the armatoloi (militiamen) that acted in the Heliconas Mountain (Heliconian mountain range), they found refuge in the Monastery. During the Greek revolution of 1821, the Monastery supported Karaiskakis (a Greek revolution General) in the battle of Domvraina and as a consequence, was burned by the Turks on November 4th, 1826.

In the fight to free Macedonia, one of the Monastery’s monks Chrysostomos Kapetanopoulos was killed, while during the Nazi Occupation a large part of the Monastery was destroyed and a Monk, Agathagelos Agelou was killed.

The Monastery was manned with a new Brotherhood in 1992 and today it functions as an organized commune with about 20 monks.

The love towards God and our fellow man and the land (farming), as well as the needs of the Holy Monastery, led the Fathers of the Monastery to put all their strength, effort and personal work in the creation of fresh, pure and traditional products. In the privately owned facilities of the Monastery, we are combining modern technology with the traditional way of production.

The milk for the production of our products, comes from animals fed with strictly controlled animal feed by the Fathers of the Monastery in their stable facilities. The Monastery’s altitude (700 meters), combined with the clean environment (and pristine location) also contributes to the quality of the Products.

ΙΕΡΑ ΜΟΝ ΜΑΚΑΡΙΩΤΙΣΣΗΣ - Holy Monastery of Makariotissis is Certified with the Gold Award of AUTHENTIC TASTE OF GREECE 2020 & 2021