Since 1981 in one of the most privileged areas of natural wealth in Greece, Evritania and the mountainous Karpenisi, which has been characterized as one of the purest environment in the world, the Koutromanos Traditional Cheese Factory has been producing fine and pure traditional products.

“Our facilities are by the river Agrafiotis! Every day in collaboration with farmers in Agrafa region we collect milk that we use as raw material and then process it in the traditional way!”

From the premium quality sheep and goat milk we collect daily from only Agrafa breeders, with the utmost assurance of all hygiene standards (ISO22000-HACCP) and the use of high modern technology, combined with our long-standing experience, we create the famous cheese maker products of Koutromanos.

Tsalafouti cheese is one of the best sellers and high valued products of Koutromanos Dairy.

Certified with the Gold Award of AUTHENTIC TASTE OF GREECE 2019-2020