Our story begins back in 1954... when George Tsinavos, company's founder, opened a small pastry shop in Serres, which produced and distributed ice cream and confectionery in the town. Ice cream was first sold by hawkers with handcarts which used ice and salt for cooling. Kri Kri ice creams and particularly Cassata, a «special» ice cream, made from sheep’s milk with a very rich taste, started to become popular outside Serres city.

In the 60s, the first electric freezers for ice cream appeared on the market in Serres. At the same time the small local company’s facilities were transferred to new privately owned premises, while a few years later, the company acquired its first automatic production line for ice cream, signaling the beginning of a new era, as up till then it had been made by hand.

The 1980s and 90s defined the company’s subsequent course, on the one hand with the construction of the new factory (1987) and on the other hand with the production of yogurt, when traditional sheep’s and cow’s milk yogurt made from fresh milk from the Serres Prefecture went into production. In the mid-90s, Kri Kri set up a branch in Attica, gradually building up a distribution network for its products all over Greece.

In 2000, Kri Kri launched family-sized yogurt under the trade name «Spitiko», and won its first reviews in market research.

Today, Kri Kri, after a successful 64 years route and continued investment, ranks among the most dynamic industries of dairy products, and aims to further strengthen its growth prospects, both in Greece and abroad.