Thanks to the successful management of the company and of good decisions it has taken the past years, LOUX has managed to become the 2nd leading beverage in the soft drink with flavor market, constantly gaining market share at the expense of the two large multinationals in the industry. LOUX is now the largest and most specialized Greek Soft drinks and juices company. As an economic and business entity, the last years it has built up an impressive growth rate and a stable and continuous improvement in all of its financial figures. From 2012 LOUX holds the second position of the domestic market, with a market share above 20%, in the all flavors category. (Nielsen figures - 21% of the total market share - by 19 % / 20.8 %, National share - measurements August - September 2013).  In 2014, Loux generated sales of 28.6 million euro, having an increase of 5.9% compared to 27 million in 2013. In 2014 Loux’s pre-tax profit was 3.1 million euro against 2.3 million in 2013, having an increase of 33%. Moreover, the past eight years Loux has captured a further two percent of the market share. Overall, the last five years (2008 - 2013) LOUX increased its sales by 30%, while being able to improve their share of more than 2 percentage points. In addition, the last eight years LOUX implemented productive investments totaling 20 million Euro, using only its own capital. Simultaneously, the banking company's liabilities and loans are zero, which gives LOUX an important advantage in the current financial environment. Since 2008 LOUX has increased jobs by 30%. In addition, year after year, the constant increasing export performance makes LOUX as one of the most important ambassadors of Greek products in the international markets.
These striking figures are the result of a sustainable plan and conscious, specific business decisions. With sound and prudent management, with decisive initiatives, but with a constant thirst for creativity, innovations and distinctions, LOUX is growing year after year leaving a positive mark and contributing actively to the Greek Economy.

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