"Our experience in the food trade has taught us the value of satisfying the highest demands and desires."

Our company started its activity in the field of food in 1992 and thanks to the hard work, the passion and the determination to achieve this project, it continues all these years its work with an upward trend and continuous development. From the beginning, our main focus and direction was the trade of traditional quality food and this is the element that made it stand out and become widely known in the catering and retail industry.

"With a view to proper and quality nutrition, but also respect for the demand of the consumer, we are constantly looking for the finest products from Crete and the rest of Greece."

All this has been achieved thanks to the strict selection criteria of our partners with first and foremost the use of pure and quality raw materials. These are small family businesses from all over Greece that personally take care of each product from the first stage of production until its delivery to us. The procedures followed meet all the criteria of the food safety and quality assurance system and are certified by HACCP and ISO.

"Good customer service is our top priority."

The excellent quality products and the customer-centric character of our company are the two main reasons that we maintain long-term collaborations with our customers. In fact, many of them have been with us since the beginning. Our concern is the fast and efficient service of their every need. We are in constant communication and we take care to satisfy their every wish and through their own observations to become better. As a result, we now have more than 1,000 customers, both in Greece and abroad, in countries such as England, Switzerland, Germany, France, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Singapore and Dubai.

"Our philosophy is to treat nutrition as an important value for the life of every human and our desire is to spread in every home the flavors and aromas of the Greek land."

Our goal for the coming years is to spread Greek flavors and the Mediterranean diet in every corner of the world. Studies that are constantly being done around its value and health benefits are pushing more and more people to adopt it. So our desire is to help everyone gain access to these sources of nutritional wealth, both in terms of health and enjoyment.

We carry on a tradition in the flavors, colors, and aromas of our land!!!

MANOUSOS Traditional Quality Products is Certified with the Gold Award of AUTHENTIC TASTE OF GREECE 2020 & 2021 & 2022 & 2023




Ο οργανισμός του Greek Taste Beyond Borders® GTBB πιστοποίησε/βράβευσε την εταιρία “ΜΑΝΟΥΣΟΣ Παραδοσιακά Προϊόντα Ποιότητας” για την πολυετή της δραστηριότητά στον χώρο των τροφίμων (από το 1992) και την συνεχή εξέλιξη στο εμπόριο παραδοσιακών ποιοτικών τροφίμων με εξαγωγές ανά τον κόσμο.

Ο πρόεδρος της εταιρίας Μανούσος Μεγαλακάκης αναφέρει: «Εκφράζουμε την ικανοποίηση μας για την πιστοποίηση/βράβευση με το Βραβείο Αυθεντικής Ελληνικής Γεύσης για το 2020 & 2021 και ευχαριστούμε τον οργανισμό GTBB και τις μακροχρόνιες συνεργασίες μας. Με γνώμονα τη σωστή και ποιοτική διατροφή , αλλά και σεβασμό στις επιθυμίες του καταναλωτή, αναζητούμε συνεχώς τα εκλεκτότερα προϊόντα από την Κρήτη και από την υπόλοιπη Ελλάδα».

Η εταιρία “ΜΑΝΟΥΣΟΣ Παραδοσιακά Προϊόντα Ποιότητας”, θα συμμετάσχει στο ετήσιο παγκόσμιο συνέδριο του GREEK TASTE BEYOND BORDERS® GTBB στο Κέντρο Πολιτισμού ίδρυμα Σταύρος Νιάρχος ΚΠΙΣΝ, ανάμεσα σε άλλα premium brand και στους επίσημους Πρεσβευτές της Ελληνικής και παγκόσμιας Γαστρονομίας, υπό την Αιγίδα του Υπουργείου Τουρισμού, του ΕΟΤ και του Δήμου Αθηναίων, 19 Οκτωβρίου 2020 | Ambassadors of Taste Global Conference- Athens Greece. Το γεγονός αυτό θα ενδυναμώσει το διαρκώς αυξανόμενο business network του οργανισμού GTBB, που λειτουργεί έξυπνα και αποτελεσματικά για την διάδοση της ελληνικής γεύσης παγκοσμίως.

The organization of Greek Taste Beyond Borders® GTBB presented the “AUTHENTIC TASTE OF GREECE 2020 - GOLD AWARD” ΒΡΑΒΕΙΟ ΑΥΘΕΝΤΙΚΗΣ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗΣ ΓΕΥΣΗΣ® to “MANOUSOS Traditional Quality Products” for its longtime activity in the food industry (since 1992) and the continuous development in the trade of traditional quality food with exports around the world.

GTBB organization is dominating in the promotion of Greek taste & gastronomy throughout the world, utilizing modern branding methods and the most effective business networking platform for 🇬🇷Greece and its global representation. The prestigious awards mentioned as “top honors” by GTBB have a significant role and are presented exclusively to premium Greek brands for their excellent quality standards and conformity to core values. The process of the certification was implemented under the GTBB Prototype which adopts a protocol number policy and a modernized evaluation method carried out by the GTBB taste experts committee, associated to high value standards of quality and taste.

MANOUSOS Traditional Quality Products will participate in the annual global conference of Greek Taste Beyond Borders® GTBB - AMBASSADORS OF TASTE® GLOBAL CONFERENCE in Athens, Greece among other certified brands by the GTBB organization. The conference will take place on 19 October, 2020 at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) under the auspices of Ministry of Tourism, GNTO and City of Athens.