Many times we wondered if we chose the path of beekeeping or if beekeeping chose us. In the spring of 2006, a swarm of bees took refuge in a tree in the yard of our house. From this beehive the beginning was made, from this beehive began the great life journey of the brothers Valantis and Vassilis Psariais, in the world of the bee, in the world of the honey.

 From the foot of the mythical mountain of the gods, Olympus, our bees start every year to collect the precious and unique honey, the same one that according to mythology the nymph Melissa fed Zeus to grow quickly and take the place of among the gods. MELODIAS is the name we have chosen for our product, the work of bees, honoring the origin of our honey as defined by the legend.

The love for the bee, the respect for nature, the hard work and our passion for quality honey remain after all these years our main characteristics.

Our presence in the Greek mountains, in Olympus, in Pieria, in Paiko, in Chortiatis in the plains of Pieria, Kilkis, Serres and in the pine forests of Halkidiki and Thassos, guarantees every year a diverse harvest of honey of superior quality that is constantly enriched with new varieties.

Our goal is for MELODIAS honey to continue to guarantee its authenticity, at the same time increasing the possibility that more and more people can taste it.

As for the question, whether we chose beekeeping or whether beekeeping chose us, it no longer matters. We now live for the bee and the honey and we have identified our life with it.

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