The story begins in 1950 when George and Georgia Petropoulou start making cheese to meet the needs of their traditional grocery store in the refugee settlement of Messina ( "Palia Vrisi" ). The village cheese they offered was based on the experience of Georgia Petropoulou who knew the art of cheese making well.

Over the years, the world liked the cheese and the demand increased even for wholesale, with the result that the small cheese factory until 1965 was moved to the place "Panagitsa" in Mavrommati, Pamisos in Messina, a few meters closer to today's modern unit. The reason, of course, is to meet the increased production needs. A year later, in fact, the second generation began to enter production, with their son Thanasis Petropoulos starting to work as an amateur and in 1970, after his dismissal from the army, to enter the company for good, in order to better organize it and equip with modern for the season inside.

In 1975 , his brother Petros Petropoulos joined the production and thus the " Messini Cheese Factory - G. Petropoulos Brothers SA " was founded . The second generation's occupation paved the way for the expansion of production from the village cheese until then (a type of Sfelas) to Feta, Sfela, Graviera, Mitzithra, Anthotyro and gradually to Traditional Yogurt.

Since the beginning of 2010 , " TYROKOMIKI MESSINIS " was moved a few meters further, to its state-of-the-art facilities, where in an environment that meets all the required specifications, it still produces its excellent cheeses, while now it has started to produce new products. Messinia Kefalotyri, Gidino Tyri, Cream Desserts as well as a series of Traditional Yogurts in clay and in a cup. The third generation of the Petropoulos family has now joined the company. The children of Thanasis and Petros Petropoulos have joined forces with their fathers, in order not only to maintain the excellent quality but also to develop it.

Today, with the same passion and experience of three generations over 60 years, " Messini Cheese Factory - G. Petropoulos Bros. SA " has gained the trust of a large part of the consumer public in the Southern Peloponnese and is expanding to rest of Greece as its products are available in the prefectures of Messinia, Laconia, Achaia, Attica and Thessaloniki. In addition, the company has started exporting its products abroad with the aim of expanding them.

Messini Cheese Factory is the largest cheese factory in the prefecture of Messinia as it employs a total of 30 staff members, cooperates with more than 150 breeders who have been working with the company for years and meet strict criteria, collecting a total of 2,000 tons of sheep and goat milk per year.

Messini Cheasemaking is Certified with the Gold Award of AUTHENTIC TASTE OF GREECE 2020


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