We started in March 2002 initially in Nafplio and after two years in our own facility in Kandia just outside the city of Nafplio. We produce traditional pasta like the classics that most of us know, such as lazani noodles, trachanas sour and sweet, but also fresh, that is, they have not undergone the drying process and are distributed fresh in 0-3 C or in a deep freezer -18C. Our STRIFTADIA and TALIATELLA are very popular fresh pasta. Many Greek chefs have included them in the menus of their restaurants, contributing to the spread of Greek traditional taste around the world. We are committed to the traditional recipes that have been passed down to us by our ancestors, but we do not hesitate to experiment with new recipes, creating new products, thus contributing to the development of our work.

We also produce organic pasta from dicoccum flour and quinoa flour as we bottle organic olive oil that comes from our own estates. We are committed to producing high quality products using excellent raw materials such as goat's milk that is abundant in our area as well as fresh eggs from a local poultry farm. You can find our products in many family grocery stores - butcher shops and delicatessen but also taste them in several restaurants that work with us.

MORAITIKA Traditional products are Certified with the Gold Award of AUTHENTIC TASTE OF GREECE 2020


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