Nikolaos Martos, the owner of the company, narrated the story of the company, telling us that “in 1963 George Martos created the first production unit where he produced cheese with milk from his own animals. As the years went by, demand increased and he started working with local producers around the area of PAGAIO mountain while also moving the business headquarters from Nea Iraklitsa to Eleftheroupoli where we visited. The constant modernization of infrastructure, as well as our specialized human resources, enable us to keep the original taste of the cheese and all of our products unaltered. Our sole purpose is everyone who tastes our products, wherever they are in Greece or abroad to be able to travel to the authentic traditional taste”

“It is a white brine cheese made from 100% Greek local sheep and goat milk that is collected daily from PAGAIO producers and is cheesed directly by highly trained cheesemakers in modern facilities in the traditional way.” He continued by mentioning “It has the traditional texture of Greek feta, a mild but distinctive flavor that is an ideal choice for any dish, salad, cooked or uncooked”

“PAGAIO CHEESE is traditionally produced and ripens in traditional cheesecloths. Thus, it retains all the aromas of milk received from nature and acquires this special soft taste and its special characteristics. Human resources also play an important role, being constantly trained in order to able to produce the best possible result for you, with love and conscience, and with strict control at all stages of production.”

Certified with the Gold Award of AUTHENTIC TASTE OF GREECE 2019-2020


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