High quality organic Greek mountain tea, originating in the mountainous village of Rentina. We only use certified organic tea plants. Processing is done with care, under strict procedures to ensure superior quality for our customers. A product of Busy Aunts, with the highest respect towards nature and people.


King of the Greek herbs, Renteana Mountain Tea is cultivated in altitudes of 900m and above. It is completely organic and is processed under very strict procedures to ensure the highest quality and that all the qualities of the tea reach our customer in the best condition.

It is cultivated on the high Greek mountain peaks where the quality of the virgin, undisturbed soil, the clean mountain water and the fresh air are all the plants need to grow and flourish.

It is handpicked and left to dry naturally in especially designed rooms which allow for fresh air to come through and naturally dry the plants.

The dried plants are then cut to large pieces in order to maintain as many of the beneficial qualities of the plant as possible. It is best if the plant is not cut in very small pieces but that it be cut from the consumer at the time of the preparation.

Renteana Tea contains all parts of the plant: flowers, leaves and stems. It has a naturally sweet, floral and earthy flavor and does not contain any caffeine.

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