Taverna a Piece from Greece. Greek Cuisine For the first time in Eastern Province KSA, Taverna is bringing the history of traditional experience of Greek cuisine to Saudi Arabia, The traditional Greek food with a modern appearance to the table with a menu of the famous traditional historical Greek recipes and dishes. You will enjoy a very well prepared freshest food that take you to experience the ambiance of Ancient Greek cuisine.

Our philosophy is to provide our customers with the ultimate dining experience as if they were in Greece. Serving delicious food prepared in traditional ways with Greek recipes counting over 100 years old all presented in a modern style and atmosphere that provides an unforgettable authentic experience that will set your senses tingling.

The vision of the Chef Alexandros Samoilis - Executive chef of TAVERNA A PIECE OF GREECE

As a Greek Chef that has traveled to over 25 countries all over the globe and worked in some of the pioneers 3* michelin and 2* michelin restaurants my conclusion is that Greek grastonomy is very rich and has very deep roots in the foundation of culinary arts. From ancient grains and roots to herbs with significant health benefits Greek cuisine is a unique combination of pure ingredients and minimal cooking manipulation that allows us to get the most out of each product succeeding the maximum nutritional benefits to nourish our bodies. My goal as a Chef is to spread my knowledge around Greek gastronomy to other countries and cultures and share authentic recipes and cooking techniques as well as modern presentations and the philosophy of healthy and farm to table eating that the world unfortunately is tending to forget.

TAVERNA A PIECE OF GREECE is Certified with the Gold Award of AUTHENTIC TASTE OF GREECE 2019-2020 - 2021


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