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Executive Chef Theofilos Vafidis was born in Serres Greece and for over 40 years he has been in Greek gastronomy. It all started thanks to his grandmother who was a cook and had her own restaurant, where Theofilos during his summer vacation had his first meeting with gastronomy. This was the trigger to follow the path of cooking. During his many years  "in the kitchen", he has contributed much to the Greek gastronomy, starting with the army where he cooked every day for more than 350 people. After this he went in the footsteps of his grandmother and started working in restaurants. He has lived for more than 35 years outside Greece, opening restaurants in various European countries such as Germany, Austria or Poland where he has been staying for the last 20 years with his family. He is in charge of the Chefs Club of Greece-Poland bureau. He has been organising the Greek Cuisine Festival for 15 years, which takes place during the biggest HORECA exhibition on Poland. He has his own TV series TEO-RIA SMAKU TEO VAFIDIS, which has been shot all over Greece. In this program he teaches people about greek products, promote his country as a great tourism destination showing the rich culture and cuisine to his Polish audiences.

In his Book - FILOSOFIA SMAKU TEO VAFIDIS as well as in EUROPA W KUCHNI he presents the Greek cuisine together with recommendations for the best places to visit in Greece. He has participated in 4 Guinness records related to cooking. The best way to promote greek cuisine is to speak to people directly let them smell and taste it first hand. His favourite way to do this are roadshows and culinary workshops he is organising all over Poland as well as the rest of the world.  Awarded by the President of the Greek National UNESCO Committee Ekaterini Tzitzikosta on behalf of the Greek Panorama 2016 for his advice and dissemination of gastronomy based on the Mediterranean diet, which was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity UNC.

Participates as a Judge in major cooking competitions in Poland but also around the world.

Organises Greek cuisine lessons in schools in Poland, and participates in many charity events.

Promotes Greek cuisine through tourist programs organised in Greece by Poland.

In 3 months, his new open kitchen concept restaurant will be ready in the center of Warsaw, with the introduction of Creative Greek cuisine, traditional products and the slogan - Foodsharing

I wish the whole Greek gastronomic family all over the world Health, positive energy, and to hold high the flag of Greek cuisine, I am at your disposal, to raise the Greek gastronomy

With delicious greetings,

Teo Vafidis


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