As soon as you walk into a TROUFA store, all your senses are stimulated at once. You smell fresh baked pastries that create the same nostalgic warmth they did when you were young. You see colors that ignite your imagination and awaken the need to discover.

TROUFA is the Greek word for Truffle, only spelled with Latin characters. And that is exactly what we are; a blend of Greek and International flavor. Our products range from the most traditional Greek and oriental recipes, including baking recipes and methods that have survived since antiquity, to European patisserie, American desserts, all the way to modern health driven cuisine and culinary trends.

We have exported this gastronomic identity to several cosmopolitan Middle Eastern cities. We continue our dedication to producing the freshest goods from the finest ingredients, experimenting with new flavors and living up to our slogan by establishing ourselves every day.


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