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Sfiriallas Tsambikos born in 1991 in Archangelos, Rhodes. He graduated from the Vocational High School of Archangelos, from the department of Business Administration. After graduating he decided to go after his big dream. So, in October of 2009 he began to study in the educational group “LE MONDE" as a culinary art technician. After completing his studies in 2011, he continues in further training and in December of 2012 the receives the titles of EUROCHEF and EUROPASTRY CHEF. In the same year he participated in two competitions and he received one golden medal for artistic presentation of PROCESSED CHOCOLATE and also one more golden medal from a live contest of sweet making. In July, of the same year, he left for Paris, where he received the title “Advanced Professional Diploma in Culinary Arts “. After receiving an invitation from the, now former, president of the Greek Chefs Club, Mr. Miltiadis Karumbas, Tsambikos was given the honorary title of a Club’s member. In July in 2014 he completed his military service as a Chef in the Army Officers Club in Kastelorizo. When he returned in Archangelos he worked for a while in the family business “Greco" and also in “Gorgona" fish tavern in Stegna. In 2015 he participated for once more in a contest, presenting processed chocolate, but this time in the Monastery of Saint Theodora with the 17 trees on the roof, where he received a silver medal. In 2016 he was the only one from Rhodes to go to Norway for the World Culinary Conference “World Association of Chefs Societies" presenting rhodian products. In 2019 with other fellow cooks citizens, they made a presentation of rhodian products in the exhibition of HO.RE.CA. with mr. Tsambikos as their coordinator. The last title he received was in 2020 in the 1st Mediterranean Chefs Competition, that was a worldwide level competition and took place in Greece for the first time.


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