“Food stories are life stories bringing best human moments together…” Evi Chioti


Honorable Ambassadors of Taste for the Global Gastronomy® 2020 Mrs Chioti, tell us how honored you feel to be certified and awarded with the gold medal of Ambassadors of Taste for The Global Gastronomy among such great personalities in our organization who represent cultures, traditions and heritage treasures among all nations. How do you feel to represent core values and traditions of three different cultures (Greek, French and Cyprus).

-Needless to say how honored l feel to become an awarded member of AMBASSADORS OF TASTE® GUIDE and an official “Ambassadors of Taste for The Global Gastronomy® 2020”.

This Gold Medal from such a demanding organization with a worldwide recognition rewards my journey through food culture.
Gastronomy has a global interaction and by representing Cypriot, Greek and French heritage gives me the opportunity to strengthen, influence and transmit one through the other but also gives me the unique chance to identify my own character and vision into this field.

The “Ambassadors of Taste for the Global Gastronomy®” organization & global guide modifies the world concept on gastronomy development and sustains the idea of a united global gastronomy with gratitude to the heritage and local tradition of all nations individually. Tell us some more words about the Ambassadors mission.

-As an “ambassador” I hope to assist the organization to strengthen its core visions and particularly to expand Greek taste and culture globally. Reinforcing the idea of a common worldwide culinary heritage we encourage the prospect to protect environmental sustainability, food quality and security, transmit and preserve tradition and ancient culinary methods and techniques, contributing to a global “better life” of people and a “save world” cuisine.

Our organization of Ambassadors of Taste® guide with its committee certifies and awards entities of the highest regard globally, with the focus on promoting world taste excellence and tradition. What is the importance of such an attribution?

-Being awarded by a prestigious global guide as Ambassadors of Taste® gives the opportunity to boost products and services worldwide due to the high quality standards these titles represent.
Through their great recognition certificates and titles helps to expand globally and elevates healthy competition and excellency.

Which is your favorite and inspiring cuisine and what is your opinion about our Greek products? Is there a common basis for the world cuisines?

-I have been grown up in a country which carries a giant civilization and culture. Greek gastronomy lied around the whole Mediterranean and interacted through generations to whole Europe and of course is into my gens but also great French cuisine that I admired, studied and worked with for more than 30 years is an unlimited source that demands perfection and challenge. Two great gastronomy cultures like French and Greek can only both inspire a curious and enthusiastic mind to continue creativity and progress. 
Our land generously gives us excellent products, carrying the genuine taste and smell of the sun and the sea, I strongly believe in their quality and I always use a main local product into my recipes.  World cuisines have common bases and represent human progress and civilization. Food stories are life stories bringing best human moments together.

As an Ambassadors of Taste for the Global Gastronomy® 2020 and a taste expert with global respect and appreciation, what has been the most interesting experience have you ever had in your career?
I’ve enjoyed many experiences especially those where Chefs from different countries meet and present their own culinary identities. One of the most exciting was my participation at Gastronomy Biennale Rome in 1999 representing my country as one of ten best young Chefs in Europe. I presented a five course menu which I prepared together with the brigade of the famous Italian Chef Gianfranco Vissani. My menu was based on Ancient Greek gastronomy in modern fine dining. It was a great cultural event where I had to do a lot of research and was my first global culinary adventure which left me with extraordinary memories and knowledge.

My vision is to share and transmit my culinary philosophy and passion globally and contribute to a natural, sustainable and genuine cooking mentality.

The global conference of Ambassadors of Taste® will take place on 19th October 2020 at the emblematic lighthouse of Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. In conclusion share with us how important is the meeting of the Ambassadors from all the continents of the world under the shadow of Acropolis lights and your official awarding.

The global conference of GTBB is becoming one of the most important gastronomic events worldwide. Honorable people all attached to the culinary profession, meet the same goal, protecting and improving gastronomic civilization. We are all thrilled with the upcoming event and wait with great impatience.

Could share with us two of your favorite recipes?
It is my pleasure to share with you and the GTBB community and friends, the Red mullet with courgette flowers and the Rose drop with red fruits and dark chocolate.


Learn about AMBASSADORS OF TASTE® GUIDE www.ambassadorsoftaste.com Branded by the Greek Taste Beyond Borders GTBB® organization.