Greek Taste Beyond Borders Supports the «Roberto Cavalli Summer Tour» in Mykonos | Enhancing the Spread of Greek Culture another Ambassador Of Taste takes on a new role…

The most reliable campaign GTBB intended to emerge Greek gastronomy and culture globally, took part on 8 June, 2018 in Nice n Easy Mykonos (Group of restaurants), putting on its golden stamp (the Golden spiral) this time, in the eveningtastings of Butterfly Summer tour of the famous brand Roberto Cavalli.


There, GTBB brought both cuisines, Italian and Greek to a beautiful juxtaposition next to Roberto Cavalli Vodka. The President of GTBB Philip Koutras known for his action and his constant contact with the institutions (Ministries, Embassies and Municipalities) awarded the prestigious title of Ambassadors for the Taste of Global Gastronomy to Roberto Cavalli and in his family, something that he said will be crucial for the dissemination of ideas in his native country Italy and other countries visited.


The Golden spiral of GTBB thereby traveled in a more global destination through a top personality such as Roberto Cavalli and his family, broadcasting the most important features of the Golden spiral ( the logo of GTBB) as is: The common starting point and rallying for the Greek way of living “Our way of life”, the Business network that unite Greeks worldwide and the Exchanging of Cultures with a backdrop of world peace.


Indeed, Tommaso Cavalli (son) was presented the title as Ambassador of taste by Nikolaos Mpilios (expert advisor EOT, expert in Tourism) and from the President of the CHAMBER of COMMERCE and INDUSTRY Mr. Konstantinos Michalos. The second prize “Gold Award of Quality & Taste 2018 – Premium Awards” was presented to Mr. Christos Athanasiadis (owner of Nice n Easy group) for his great contribution to gastronomy and the huge success of “Nice n Easy Group”.

           Tommaso Cavalli

        Philip Koutras (CEO GTBB)   

          Nice n Easy Group – Christos Athanasiadis (centre), Manos Gavras(left), Philip Koutras (right).

          Creations from Nice n Easy Group offered at the gastronomy gala.


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