George Boumpas, belongs to the third generation, and has set up a modern and contemporary butcher's shop that brings quality meat from Epirus to Athens. Here, you will find a wide range of the best and healthiest meats: free-range beef, Greek short-lived calves, lambs, all from the family farm, but also French-cut meats, 45, 68 or 90-day ripening steaks, ready-made recipes such as marinades BBQ sauce pancetta, marinated kontosouvli with vegetables, black angus in straw, cupcakes with minced meat, cheese and puff pastry, Mexican tortillas with ground beef and gruyere, croissant from fish brisket with cream cheese filling, cheese and peppers, but also traditional sausages.

The Boumbas butcher shop was awarded in the category "Butchers - Meat Market" for 2019 & 2020 at the Panhellenic institution of awarding quality and taste Golden Awards 2019.

The family cheese dairy also comes with excellent cheeses, spicy, buttery gruyere Pogony sheepskin, gruyere with oregano coating, mint, black pepper, hot paprika or matured in wine. At the same time in the cheese refrigerator you can choose from a rich range of selected cheeses from all over the country.

BOUMPAS EPIRUS MEATS is Certified with the Gold Award of AUTHENTIC TASTE OF GREECE 2020



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