"The experience of Avli reflects the complexity of Greek resilience, innovation, and art without resulting in a stereotypical palette and approach..."

Natasha Sideris is certified as an official "Ambassadors of Taste for the Global Gastronomy® 2020" by the global organization & guide Ambassadors of Taste®

Honorable “Ambassadors of Taste for the Global Gastronomy 2020” Mrs. Natasha Sideris & chairman of the TASHAS GROUP, tell us about your amazing success in the world gastronomy! What does the TASHAS GROUP mean to you?

The Tashas Group means the world to me. I am so immensely proud of our beautiful restaurants as well as of our team in both South Africa and the UAE. What we have built the foundation of a business where we can be immensely creative with the brands we create and the food we serve.

How do you feel about your achievement of receiving the honorary title-award of “Ambassadors of Taste for the Global Gastronomy® 2020” among the greatest personalities and companies in the world?

I am extremely honoured to receive this title award from such an established organisation. To be recognised for our culinary creativity on a global level is wonderful.

GREEK TASTE BEYOND BORDERS® GTBB organization also proclaimed AVLI BY TASHA’S restaurant in Dubai as an official “Ambassador for Greek Gastronomy 2020” which is the highest title for Greek Restaurants across the world! Many congratulations for this immense recognition. Describe us AVLI BY TASHA’S project and its global growth potential.

Avli by tashas is born out of my love of Greece as well as my Greek heritage.  The restaurant is reminiscent of modern Athenian culture and the open-air courtyards of the Mediterranean. Everything on our menu is created with love with a focus on authenticity, using a plethora of ingredients sourced directly from Greece resulting in unique flavours that illustrate the Avli experience captured in every single dish.

My dream is that there will be an Avli in every major city so that we can share the beauty and taste of Greece all over the world.

What is your relation with Greece and what is the importance of Greek authentic products worldwide?

I have a deep and long-standing relationship with Greece. While I was born in South Africa, my parents were Greek and I have been coming to this beautiful country from a very young age. It is, without question, my favourite place on earth. It is a country abundant in sophistication, a soulful spirit, and sheer beauty.  Athens is also an incredible city with its unique style and old-school glamour and character second to none. It is the essence of this modern city, steeped in history, lies in its lively neighbourhoods, its food, culture music, art and architectural diversity.

For people to savour the taste of the food, it is so important to use authentic Greek products which is why we use ingredients sourced directly from the country.

Interior design and Architecture are elements very closely related to your projects, giving an excellent result of aesthetics and functionality. How do you interpret this fact and what is your relation to architecture?

If I wasn’t a restaurateur, I would want to be a designer or an architect.  Creating beautiful spaces has always been important to me.  With Avli, I was able to create something that is very close to my heart by interpreting the design and architecture of Athens in this special venue in the heart of Dubai.

The experience of Avli reflects the complexity of Greek resilience, innovation, and art without resulting in a stereotypical palette and approach. There are many elements that we used to create this feeling. A whimsical installation overhead mimics the sunshades next to the Aegean Sea, the carved sandstone storefront surrounded by olive trees is reminiscent of simple villas strewn along the coastline, the cave-like entrance houses art pieces curated from antique markets in Athens and the entrance lobby showcases a magnificent mosaic art inlay of horses and Greek forms.

We hope that our guests feel that Avli by tashas is a discovery of Greek soul and modern beauty.

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