Costas Papachristophorou - Official Ambassadors of Taste for the Global Gastronomy® 2020

Costas Papachristophorou has been recently awarded by the global organization of Ambassadors of Taste® with the most prestigious certification title award of Ambassadors of Taste for the Global Gastronomy – Gold Medal 2020. This award is an honorary title with significant role presented to entities of the highest regard with sustainable attitude. Learn here

Costas Papachristophorou is the General Manager of Grand Hyatt Hotel of Athens. He is internationally experienced and highly regarded Executive Director/General Manager with a wealth of 30 years of Hospitality diverse experience in managing top Luxury Hotels in Greece, Cyprus and abroad. Costas Papachristophorou is skilled in all aspects of Luxury Hotel Management, Operations, Food & Beverage, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources and New Hotel openings. His previous experience among other prestigious hotels include Astir Palace resort, Kensho Boutique Hotels, Aldemar Resorts Group, Porto Elounda and Elounda Peninsula Resorts, Golden Bay Beach resorts, Four Seasons Hotels etc.

He has been qualified/designated as C.H.A. Certified Hotel Administrator (AH & MA) USA, C.M.I. Chartered Management Institute England, I.H. Institute of Hospitality (EX HCIMA) England, E.A.S.E. Association of Chief Executive Officers (CEO), Greece, C.D.R. Chaine Des Rotisseurs (Chevalier/Maitre Hotelier) Paris, France and many other qualifications. He has been awarded with the Certificate d’ Honeur from Club Des Chefs France and with the Global Professional Award from Rotary international.

The GTBB committee as part of the global organization and gastronomy guide Ambassadors of Taste® met Mr.Papachristophorou for his presentation and had the chance to conduct a quick interview.

What is your view of global gastronomy as it evolves in modern times in relation to multiculturalism and its counterparts “returning to the roots”, in the context of Cultural sustainability? How global gastronomy is shaped in this modern context and what is your view of this fermentation that results from these two new ideas that humanity is experiencing?

Global Gastronomy is constantly evolving and trends keep influencing all nations and cultures depending on many factors as geographic origin and modern technology of communications. The highest standards of world cuisines are built on strict quality basics assuming the last link of the chain deserves all the best. Gastronomy as a new upcoming science emerges the same time as Chefs get more well- knowledged. International cuisine is shaped by a fusion of gastronomy trends that lets the local and traditional manner work in its context. As a result, a well-structured menu may consist of various ingredients that each has its own orientation and form a total modernized national cuisine that is genuine and shares the plurality of tastes and delights. In conclusion, global gastronomy is always evolving in a world that keeps its traditions and local trends sustainable.


What do you think of the new global guide Ambassadors of Taste® and how do you perceive your accreditation-awarding event with such an important global honor?

Gastronomy has been always a vibrant and prime part of my professional and social life. Being now highly and proudly privileged of becoming one of the honorary members of Ambassadors of Taste® organization & guide and presented with this top honorary award of  Ambassadors of Taste for the Global Gastronomy® – Gold Medal 2020, i feel a huge responsibility towards the vision of “Ambassadors of Taste”. I am willing to support this global community with my knowledge and stand by other official Ambassadors of Taste, distinguished chefs, restaurateurs and premium brand representatives.

Moreover, i am willing to promote Greek gastronomy and heritage worldwide and the same time, through the Ambassadors of Taste® global organization, place it, establish it and give it sustainable value it deserves globally and eternally. 

GREEK TASTE BEYOND BORDERS® GTBB has announced its annual global conference in Athens, Greece under the Auspices of Ministry of Tourism, GNTO & City of Athens where Alex Samoilis “official Ambassador for Greek Gastronomy 2020” and all certified ambassadors shall gather in this promising global event. Learn more about the conference and how to attend here:


Philip Koutras – Founder & President of the Ambassadors of Taste® global organization & guide