Evaggelos Chasiotis | Famous Greek Patissier Lounches his Haute Patisserie Creations Abroad While

Greek Taste Beyond Borders  Gives a Boost To His New Project…

The famous and award-winning Pastry Chef Evaggelos Chasiotis Haute Patisserie presented his new chocolate collection at the 9th Austrian International Conference. As a true ambassador of the Greek flavor that managed to transform his creations into a brand name and at the level of Haute Patisserie he had the auspices of Greek Taste Beyond Borders for his specific action.

 His effort, as he stated to us, has already gained interest from foreign retailers and besides the special and rich taste of his creations, the packaging is characterized by excellent aesthetics as well as the overall image of Evaggelos Chasiotis . GTBB is proud and supports every action of effort and innovation related to the spread of Greek lifestyle and Greek flavor. In Austria, the well-known Patissier was accompanied by Mrs. Aleka Terzaki, a prominent personality, a recognized public procurement expert and business consultant in Austria for strategy, planning and implementation in this field. Mrs. Aleka Terzaki received from Evaggelos Chasiotis the Greek Taste Beyond Borders booklet.


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